Friday, July 20, 2012

Slow Cooker Chicken

I made a chicken so tender it fell apart when I tried to put it onto a cutting board.
No, really. absolute pieces.

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A chicken
A slow cooker

Throw it in there.
I covered mine in unsalted butter, lemon juice (I buy small frozen tubes of lemon juice from Wegman's), and freshly cracked pepper.

Set it on low and forget about it while it fills your home with delicious smells.

Here's what mine looked like after about 4 hours. Look at all that delicious chicken juice! :P I temp'd it and it wasn't quite up to 165* yet, so back it goes.

After another half hour, it was ready. I failed when it came to transferring to a cutting board.

It just fell apart. It's ok though, because it was scrumptious. I made burritos with chicken, black beans and brown rice. I'm saving some chicken to make Thai Chicken Salad on Saturday! :) I used the leftover juices to make gravy, so I might make biscuits for some biscuits 'n gravy later on. We'll see...

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