Saturday, September 29, 2012

Joyce's first litter!

Joyce's foster family was nice enough to email me some pictures from their visit this morning. It has made my puppy fever go completely nuts. I can't wait until I can cuddle one of these little guys! Countdown to Thanksgiving...

As promised, here are some pictures of Joyce and her babies:

Little puppy girl <3
 Can you resist that face? I can't.

Mr. Dakota
Seriously, I'm considering driving three hours to meet these little pups!

Mama Joyce with her babies
 And, of course, to give some love to Mama Joyce!

Piles of puppies!
Oh the snuggles we will have!

GEB has a really neat organizational system for naming their dogs. Each litter gets their own letter and a code that says what number in the litter they were and what year they were born. Joyce  (aka 9J10) has 8 siblings who all have "J" names. This is a "D" litter, so all of these lovely pupperoos have names that begin with the letter D. Dahlia, Daria, Denise, Dublin (M), Denim, Dolores, Dolce, Dina, Doralee, Dakota (M).

I'm up in the air about whether we should ask to raise Dakota or Dublin. Decisions, decisions...

On an unrelated note, the boy and I have been fixing up our new place. Today we accidentally painted some windows light blue. We both thought that we bought white paint. This is probably the least expensive mistake I've made in a while, so I'm ok with it. We're heading out to Home Depot tomorrow to get some boards for shelves and a bunch of white paint. I wish I had taken Before pictures so I could share how much damage we've done so far.

I got ready to document two different recipes and both of them ended up turning out horrible because of dead yeast, so the lack of recipes is not for lack of effort.

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